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‘Reframing the Message’: collaborating partners

This website is a part of the ‘Reframing the Message’ programme by Stichting Wilde Ganzen (Wild Geese Foundation) and its European partner organisations:

Wilde Ganzen Dutch organisation that supports small-scale development projects with financial support, knowledge and expertise.

Civil Society in Development (CISU), the Danish association of civil society organisations that carry out development projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Divoké husy Our Czech partners.

EuropeAid Cooperation Office The website of EuropeAid, the part of the European Union that provides financial support to development programmes, among which ‘Reframing the Message’.

The World’s Best News Website of the successful Danish campaign ‘The World’s Best News’ which aims to showcase global progress using the Millennium Development Goals.

The World’s Best News Quiz Do you believe in the World’s Best News? Take the quiz and check if you know the facts!

About ‘framing’

Finding frames
Extensive British research into the public support for development cooperation and how frames play a pivotal role.

Media & platforms

Small Charities Coalition UK platform that “helps small charities access the skills, tools & information they need.”

ID-Leaks A Dutch community of global citizens that wants to contribute in a constructive way to a realistic and transparent representation of development cooperation. Contributions in English are very much appreciated. A Communications Guide for NGOs, signed by actors from throughout the development sector as well as politicians and journalists, is available for inspiration.

Avaaz Online petition and campaign platform with 38 million followers.

Top 5 Millennium Development Goal success stories The five biggest success stories of the MDGs: who or what is in the lead?

Looking at ‘Africa’ from a different perspective

Africa Is Rising: Inside the Continent’s Great Economic Leap Article that takes a closer look at Africa’s economic growth.

Africa is a country Website that wants to acquaint its readers with work by creative minds within and outside of the African continent, to counteract outdated and coloured representations.

How not to write about Africa Article by Binyavanga Wainaina about stereotypes of Africa and how the development sector perpetuates those.

Stop the pity, unlock the potential Site of the NGO ‘Mama Hope’, a movement that calls out to regard people in Africa as our equals, instead of as the negative stereotypes we have grown used to seeing in fundraising campaigns.


Below you will find all hand-outs related to the ‘Reframing the Message’ training programme for small charities:*
  1. Hand-out Communication Strategy
  2. Hand-out Core messages
  3. Handout Storytelling
  4. Hand-out Writing with conviction
  5. Hand-out Imagery
  6. Hand-out Website
  7. Hand-out Newsletter
  8. Hand-out Press release
  9. Hand-out Social Media
  10. Hand-out Social Media-applications
  11. Hand-out Filming and Editing

*Note: Not all hand-outs have yet been translated into English. Updates will follow as soon as possible.