Why this communication toolkit?

This communication toolkit advises you in communicating about the project you support. How do you approach communication in the best possible way, which choices do you make and which effect does that have on your audience? That is what this toolkit is about. The toolkit gives you practical communication and fundraising tips & tricks and is meant for supporters of small-size development initiatives in countries where there is structural poverty.

What is framing? 01

What is framing?

How do you present the project you support in a manner that does justice to the people with whom you work? Frames can influence your way of thinking. lees meer

Online media 03

Online media

From websites to newsletters and from search engines to mobile phones: charities can no longer do without them. How do people find you on the web? lees meer

Social media 04

Social media

Would you like to employ social media for your project? Read here about interaction, creative ideas, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more! lees meer

Use of images 05

Use of images

You are probably aware that an image says a thousand words. Fortunately, there are more and more possibilities for obtaining and publishing imagery in an easy manner. lees meer

Storytelling 06


A good story leads to engagement with the project you support. We'll give you some useful tips about the aspects a good story should hold. lees meer

Fundraising 07


There are countless possibilities to raise funds for your project, such as advertising in the local newspaper, a culinary evening or organising a benefit concert. lees meer

Be the change 09

Be the change

The things we do in our own countries affect what happens in the rest of the world. You as a global citizen can emphasise this in your communication, for a sustainable and socially responsible global society. lees meer